Full-Service and Fast-Casual Restaurant Representation

Restaurants and cafes are the building blocks of local communities and vibrant downtowns. 
A neighborhood restaurant can re-energize a sleepy residential street; a coffee shop can create a community gathering spot; a national restaurant can become a mini-anchor for a mixed-use project and a fast-casual dining spot can be a valuable asset to a downtown office building. Food is essential and social. Food retailers are unique and demand a special approach to their real estate needs.

We know and understand the leasing needs of restaurants. Our team has completed many restaurant transactions, both on the tenant and landlord side. We value the cost, time and dedication that proprietors put into their establishments. Well-negotiated lease terms are key to the long-term prosperity of the establishment. We work with both local and national groups in helping them enter the market and build their stores under favorable lease terms.

Locations are the bread and butter of fast-casual restaurants. Our team has worked with many local and national operators assisting them with establishing their presence in the market