J Street’s development team is focused on the acquisition, development and redevelopment of multifamily, residential, mixed-use, office and retail properties in the greater Washington metropolitan region. Additionally, J Street provides third party project management services for both multifamily and commercial properties and fee development for an array of corporate and non-profit clients.

Shared values and the resolve to create environments that deliver value to neighborhoods and investors alike are at the core of our development focus. Our principals have combined their real estate expertise, extensive knowledge of the area market and respective track records with some of the most successful national firms in the industry to form a company committed to enhancing the local landscape through architecturally significant design and high quality construction, urban revitalization and the principles of Smart Growth. J Street development projects underscore the strength of our relationships with respected financial institutions and investors, our network of exceptional architects and engineering consultants, and our proven success in implementing sound development strategies.

J Street's residential development experience has included participation as an active team member in the development of a portfolio of multifamily projects. Our involvement with this portfolio spanned the investment and operational spectrum, from market survey to programmatic design, as well as the commissioning of each building and then leasing and management. In all, twelve properties, incorporating 2,638 units, were successfully brought to market. Today, J Street's major focus is on the development of multifamily projects with an emphasis on midsize condominium projects.

With a first class commercial real estate services platform complimenting our development portfolio, we bring considerable expertise to our investor partners in an integrated platform that includes leasing, property management and investment sales services.