Advisory and Leasing


We are both consultants and brokers. As consultants, we analyze, study, review and make recommendations; as brokers, we carry out those recommendations. We provide accurate market knowledge and property valuations, set expectations and projections and deliver the results - successful solutions, completed transactions  and satisfied clients.

We approach every property as a principal owner.We assemble the best team to analyze the property, address the good and the bad, the opportunities and the challenges. The goal is to accurately assess the property and set leasing goals. Our team will provide information on market activity, comparable leases, available competing properties, space condition, current market construction costs and retail sales data.

In new projects, advance planning is key to successful leasing.We work with developers on the pre-development stages of a project to design optimal retail spaces. delivery and trash areas, retail shell definitions and project signage. We will generate a leasing strategy and establish a targeted tenant mix. We will then set time parameters and financial benchmarks.

Old can be New again. The nature of retail is to change. For real estate, change is not so easy or inexpensive. We will work with the owners of a property on assessing under-performing retail spaces. We will find a cost-efficient solution to turn a dated asset into a viable modern retail space ready to be re-tenanted.

We believe in making calls and knocking on doors and not waiting for the “sign calls”. Owners engage us to carry out an established leasing strategy, to pursue targeted tenants, to complete the transactions and get the stores opened. We will make the calls, negotiate the proposals and assist with lease negotiations and follow through with the deal until the store opens for business.